dr made 21.10.10.jpgThe government will soon avail funds for the provision of loan inputs to A2 farmers in a bid to improve the agriculture sector after the cabinet has given a nod to the development.

The Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, Dr Joseph Made confirmed this development saying it enhance food security in the country.

“After the presentation of a final crop assessment for 2010/11 agricultural season, the cabinet saw it prudent to assist the A2 farmers in acquiring loan schemes for the country to preserve food security,” Dr Made said.

In previous years, the treasury had been snubbing assistance to A2 farmers, a situation that has greatly hampered the agrarian land reform programme that government has embarked on since 2000.

Turning to the problems that are being faced by farmers at the tobacco auction floors in marketing their produce, Dr Made said the onus lies with TIMB to register farmers in their respective provinces prior to the marketing season as a way to control congestion at auction floors.

Dr Made did not rule out decentralisation of floors to other towns, saying this is a long term solution.

He also urged entrepreneurs to take advantage of the business opportunities that are rising from opening of new auction floors.

This year, the TIMB licensed five auction floors to ease congestion of marketing of tobacco but the situation obtaining indicates that the auction floors are being overwhelmed by the number of farmers that are after marketing their crop.