obert mpofu kp1.jpgGovernment says it is intending to set up a diamond industry civil society fund which is aimed at providing the necessary financial resources for local non-governmental organisations’ monitoring role.

The proposed fund, which will be administered by the government and the local diamond industry civil society, is set to enhance the monitoring and assessment of diamond mining in the country.

Mines and Mining Development Minister, Dr Obert Mpofu (pictured) confirmed the development, adding that as a member of the Kimberly Process, the country is committed to establishing and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with relevant stakeholders including the civic society.

Dr Mpofu expressed confidence that local NGOs’ one day familiarisation tour of Marange set for this Wednesday will provide an opportunity for the local civil society to appreciate developments at the mining site as well as make meaningful recommendations for the growth of the industry.

Members of the civil society have in the past made unfounded human rights abuses allegations in Marange despite the local diamond industry having been endorsed as KP-compliant.

Analysts believe the anti-Marange diamond campaign by the civic society, most of who are funded by the West, was a deliberate ploy to destroy the country’s economy by keeping the Marange gemstones out of the international market.