parliament.jpgGovernment is developing an accounting framework which will provide legislators with guidelines on how to use Constituency Development Funds (CDFs).


In accordance with parliamentary reforms which were tabled in 1996, government last year issued Members of Parliament with US$50 000 for constituency development.

These funds were aimed at projects which councillors would have identified for the legislator.

However, a system to provide guidelines was not yet in place and some of the funds are said to have been abused.

Zanu PF chief whip, Cde Joram Gumbo said this was the first time that government disbursed funds for constituency development and as such, accountability problems were bound to be faced.

He said a system is now being put in place to ensure that legislators follow proper procedures.

Government a few months ago embarked on an audit to assess how legislators used the money that had been disbursed to them for constituency development.

Although the audit has not been completed, some Members of Parliament are alleged to be failing to account for the funds and used the money for their personal projects.

This year legislators are set to receive US$60 000, an amount that is higher than what they received last year.