mining float.jpgGovernment says it will soon cancel mining claims fradulently acquired by the discredited African Consolidated Resources (ACR) Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Cranswick, following revelations that the discredited businessman had several claims outside Marange.

The Australian businessman, Andrew Cranswick, who is currently facing lawsuits from top government officials over falseholds on alleged diamond looting in Marange will soon lose all fraudulently acquired mining titles.

Information from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, indicates that Cranswick, had apart from fraudently acquiring the diamond mining titles in Marange had also been issued with gold and platinum mining concessions.


Mines and Mining Development Minister, Obert Mpofu said government will soon cancel the identified claims acquired by Cranswick.

Government’s move to cancel Cranswick mining operations comes barely two weeks after the WikiLeaks cable exposed the Australian businessman for having spread falsehoods to the US Embassy in Harare on the alleged human right abuse in Marange by the military.


ACR had its diamond licence cancelled this year after the High Court of Zimbabwe ruled that the firm had misrepresented facts in acquiring the claim in Marange. The firm acquired the claims on the false premise that it had three subsidiaries Possession Investment, Heavy Stuff Investment and Olebille Investment. It later turned out that they did not exist at the time of registration of the claims.