Government has started pursuing the Japan new technology on the clean use of coal to boost thermal power generation in the country and deal with adverse effects of climate change.

The Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Climate, Retired Air Chief Marshal Perrence Shiri says line ministries will convene to craft strategies that mitigate against the effects of climate change, amid global calls for the phasing out of coal, petroleum and diesel driven engines to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

“We have our mining sector driven primarily by thermal power from coal and it is anticipating a US 12 billion dollar mark by 2023. So it will be best for all ministries to plan together in view of such calls to phase out coal. We are endowed with billions of coal reserves. I have been to Japan recently and we indentified a technology on clean use of coal, so we need to vigorously pursue such technology to clean our coal and produce substantial energy from it,” Minister Shiri said.

The Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development, Cde Magna Mudyiwa says the sudden sharp drop of hydro power generation at Kariba dam should be a wake-up call for the government to urgently adopt the Japan technology on coal.

“The Kariba dam scenario caught us unaware, so as responsible authorities, we need adopt such technology which will work to our advantage and avoid breaching United Nations climate change protocols,” said Cde Mudyiwa.

If adopted, the Japan technology is expected to unlock value from huge coal reserves in Zimbabwe and boost thermal power generation.