Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo has urged all motorists to refrain from using unregistered vehicles on the public road network.

Addressing a news conference which was also attended by transport stakeholders and the police, ZINARA and the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe board, Minister Gumbo said all categories of vehicles must comply fully with the requirements of the statutes.

The number of motor vehicles plying the country’s roads without displaying vehicle registration number plates has become a cause for concern to the country’s transport authorities as it is a violation of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act which stipulates the need for vehicles to be registered and to always display their registration numbers.

A good number of motor vehicles plying the roads without displaying number plates get involved in traffic accidents after which the driver varnishes, rendering any further accident reporting procedures and investigations difficult.

Dr Gumbo said some of the vehicles plying the country’s roads without displaying any form of identification tend to be used in the perpetration of crimes.

He called on garage owners and vehicle traders to abide by the law, not only the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Act but also by the Factory and Works Act , saying in terms of the law only registered car dealers are allowed to keep unregistered vehicles as stock in bond houses for resale.

A newly imported motor vehicle may not be driven on the country‘s public roads unless and until they have some form of displayed acceptable identification documents.

Dr Gumbo noted that some garages and motor vehicle flea market owners are also non-compliant as they keep unregistered motor vehicles on their premises for more than the permitted 14 days from day of importation as prescribed by the law, drive them at night in breach of the law.

Asked on some police and government officials running illegal passenger transport vehicles, the Transport Minister said the law will take its course irrespective of social standing or political affiliation.

The unregistered motor vehicle clean-up exercise is in line with the current Harare and other cities clean-up programme encompassing several government ministries, following Cde Mugabe’s complains that the capital city was in a filthy state.