The government says it will act on business people who are holding energy producing licenses for speculative purposes as it seeks to improve power generation in the country.

Since the government liberalised the licensing of energy producers in 2008, several players tried their luck venturing into the industry with investigations proving that most of these applied for the licenses for speculative purposes as they lacked the capacity to undertake the projects.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development Dr Samuel Undenge says government is aware of some fortune seekers who sought power development licenses in order to sell to some capable players and will soon act on such practices.

“Yes we understand there are such business people who came for licenses but failed to undertake the said projects. Let me be very clear on this, as government we are going to cancel any licenses that are three years or more as we cannot tolerate people who hold licenses for far too long,” added Dr Undenge.

On why projects like the Gwanda Solar Project is yet to commence, Dr Undenge says the pre-commencement stage of any project has a number of issues that need consideration and satisfaction before it starts.

“The project is still at the pre-commencement stage. Once we are done with that then we can start talking about construction. The stage involves financial closures, environmental assessments, typographical assessments and many others,” Dr Undenge said.

The government has made a deliberate effort to embark on a number of renewable energy projects as a way to deal with issues of climate change by introducing safe energy sources in line with provisions signed on in the Kyoto Protocol.