Government has temporarily stopped mining activities at Wanderer Mine in Shurugwi following the collapse of the shaft late last year to pave way for adoption of an organised format of operations at the site.

Wanderer Mine had been besieged by thousands of artisanal miners in search of the yellow metal who stand accused of using explosives to randomly blast the mine resulting in the collapse of the shaft experienced on 26 December.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in the Midlands Province Cde Larry Mavhima said there is need for stakeholders to come up with a framework for organised mining to be put in place before operations resume.

“The miners at Wanderer Mine are working at extremely dangerous environment. Miners here continue using illegal mining methods which resulted in the collapse of the mine. What we are saying is that the mine should be shut down. All the mining tributaries should seize operations with immediate effect to avoid collapse,” he said.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation vice president Mr Marufu Sithole welcomed the government decision saying his constituency will abide by the directive for miners’ safety.

“We respect the government’s decision as a federation. The life of the people is more important than the money we realise in these operations. We want to mine in an environment where there is safety first before production,” he said.

Wanderer Mine which is part of Falcon Gold Mine has seen some artisanal miners getting mining claims in the area.

It has one of the most fertile gold reserves in the country.