Government has expressed support for the unbundling of the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) as it moves to separate the strategic grain reserve from the commercial enterprise involved in milling and food packaging.   

Proposals by the GMB to separate the strategic grain reserve from its commercial ventures have received support from the government. 

Speaking during a tour of the GMB, Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Retired Air Chief Marshall Perrance Shiri said the separation of GMB’s commercial interests and its national mandate will help it to increase beneficiation which is in line with government policy.     

“They sit on raw materials and we have all been talking of value addition and they have raw materials so we support them,” said Minister Shiri.

GMB general manager Mr Rockie Mutenha said the company is targeting the unbundling which will be done by the first of April as the initiative is part of its 100 day plan.

Meanwhile, the national crop assessment for the summer season is nearly complete as teams from the Ministry of Agriculture are concluding collection of information which will be submitted for compilation.