Government has spread the distribution of the free cotton inputs to Rutenga and Marange districts as more farmers continue to venture into the growing of the cash crop.

Farmers in Marange and Rutenga will this year start their preparations for the cotton production without any headaches as government spread the Presidential Cotton Free Inputs distribution to boost production of the white gold in Manicaland and Masvingo Provinces well ahead of the onset of the rains.

“We are launching this cotton programme early this time because the government want every farmer to utilise his land and produce good yields so that you derive some benefit from this cash crop. So we are urging all farmers to put these inputs to good use, you should improve your crop population to the 33 000 plants recommended per hectare and you will never go wrong,” said Cottco Operations Manager Marjorie Chaniwa.

All farmers who had abandoned growing cotton owing to huge costs of production and low price should now take advantage and embrace the free inputs towards regaining viability.

“We are blessed here in Rutenga we have the right fertile soils for cotton production and government has extended the Presidential Scheme to 2019, so let’s embrace this programme to generate income,” Masvingo provincial administrator Fungai Mbetsa said.

The Presidential Free Inputs Scheme is targeting over 400 000 families in cotton greenbelts who rely on the cash crop as their source of livelihood.