Lupane State University (LSU) will have to wait a little longer before it can introduce more science engineering courses as the government now requires institutions of higher learning to put in place enough infrastructure and personnel before introducing a new programme.

The permission by ZIMCHE for LSU to expand its faculties of engineering sciences does not directly translate into the introduction of new programmes as a lot still needs to be done in terms of infrastructure development and personnel recruitment before the government gives the nod for such programs to commence.

The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Professor Ammon Murwira said the times for experiments are over as his team will only allow an institution to introduce a new programme when proper foundation has been put in place.

“We are saying there is need for one, two, three, four to be done before they can commence such programmes. We need to see the rightful infrastructure at the campus. We also need to see them recruiting the rightful personnel and as you can see, this might take time,” Professor Murwira said.

Previously, LSU used to introduce programmes with students learning from rented infrastructure in Bulawayo, while personnel would be hired during the course of the programmes, thereby creating challenges in the course of the studies.

On funding, Professor Murwira said the university got a chunk from the $1,5 billion extended by the government to tertiary institutions, with more expected in the upcoming budget.