Government has castigated former Industry and International Trade minister, Nkosana Moyo for blaming the current fiscal challenges the country is facing on it.

In a message posted on his Facebook page this week and later picked by the local private media, Moyo, attacked the Zimbabwean government claiming that it is its financial indiscipline and failure to grow the economy that has largely contributed to the current financial crisis.

However in a statement, the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Dr Christopher Mushohwe brushed off Moyo’s claims, saying there are coming from a failed cabinet minister, who is now seeking relevance as he targets to bounce back in opposition politics.

“It is common knowledge that Nkosana Moyo is being positioned for a faction of an opposition party. It is therefore not surprising that in a bid to improve his eventual political showing, he is weirdly seeking political attention hoping to improve his prospects,” said Dr Mushohwe.

“Many however remember Nkosana Moyo as a fugitive from a ministerial appointment made by President Mugabe whom he dares to insult today. The nation is fully aware that Nkosana Moyo was given the responsibility to oversee the Industry and International Trade Ministry in 2000 but instead proved himself to be ‘spineless’ and a quitter when he left Government in 2001 in a rush after failing to contribute anything meaningful to the development of Zimbabwe,” he added.

Minister Mushohwe also said having been associated with a few International Finance Institutions, Moyo should be the first one to understand the reasons why Zimbabwe is in its current economic situation.