henry madzorera3 26.08.10.jpgGovernment is courting partners to assist in the revitalisation of the laboratory services to improve the diagnosis of diseases at the country’s major referral centres.

Health and Child Welfare Minister, Dr Henry Madzorera said treatment of various diseases was made difficult as laboratories which test the ailments were not able to perform their duties.

“We have had difficulties in the surveillance and monitoring of diseases and other new diseases because the sector was affected by economic challenges just like all the other sectors in the country. We are looking for interested partners to assist in improving this sector,” Dr Madzorera said.


The Director of the National Laboratory Services, which launched its five-year strategic plan in Harare, Mr. Douglas Magwanya said the sector is critical in the health delivery system and requires the support of stakeholders including those in the private sector.

“Staff exodus, shortage of critical equipment and reagent are some of the major challenges we have been facing as a sector,” said Dr Magwanya.

Laboratory services play a vital role in disease surveillance, control of infectious diseases such as cholera, TB and diarrhorea, among other communicable diseases.

The role of the laboratory services became critical with the advent of anti-retroviral therapy, hence the need for the sector to be adequately resourced.
Laboratory services in most major hospitals in the country have been badly affected by the sanctions-induced economic challenges which have resulted in the government failing to improve diagnostic services.