housing cooperatives.jpgGovernment says it will reserve 20% of its housing projects for social housing to cater for low income earners such as civil servants.
The Ministry of Housing and Social Amenities which is on the verge of finishing the Willowvale flats project has revealed that 20% of the blocks will be for public servants whilst the rest will be sold at commercial rates.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Dr David Munyoro said the Willowvale project is near completion with five blocks awaiting commissioning for occupation whilst the other ten blocks are expected to be completed by end of year.

Dr David Munyoro said, “20% of the 15 blocks we are currently developing will be reserved for civil servants and work has progressed as well as we have completed the first phase of availing five blocks that are waiting commissioning.”

On fears that the flats are beyond the reach of intended beneficiaries, Dr Munyoro said there is payment plan for social housing.

“We are faced with a dilemma as we were given a five year loan that has to be repaid and we are also trying raise funds for us embark on other projects but we have public servants in minds so there is a different payment regime,” Dr Munyoro said.

Zimbabwe is facing housing problems with over a million people estimated to be in need of accommodation.

The number seems to be increasing by day due to the rural-urban migration that has increased.

Government is involved in different initiatives to address the issue as it is servicing stands across the country and is courting investors for joint venture deals.