tapiwa mashakada.jpgGovernment is revising the Medium Term Plan (MTP) targets to come up with workable measures to consolidate macro- economic gains.

The arrangement is being made following cabinet’s rejection of a draft of the Medium Term Plan citing unrealistic targets.

Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister, Mr Tapiwa Mashakada said Government is in the process of revising downwards some of the proposed  targets in a move that has delayed the launch of the economic blue print which was  expected to succeed  the  Short  Term   Economic  Recovery  Programme (STERP).

 “We are now revising the entire document so that we can come up with a favourable policy,”said Mr Mashakada.

Concern has been raised by stakeholders about the failure to launch the MTP amid revelations by an economist Mr Witness Chinyama that Government should come up with realistic targets in the proposed 5-year economic blue print.

 “It is very possible that some of the targets might have not been realistic so it is now up to Government to come up with a workable policy,” Mr Chinyama said.

The Medium Term Plan (MTP) was supposed to have been launched in July to  facilitate the economic recovery through targets such as a single digit inflation rate, an increase in job creation, improved savings, restored investment confidence and a growth in savings.