The government has been preaching the message of entrepreneurship particularly among graduates from vocational training centres and the message was emphasised during a graduation ceremony at Magamba Training Centre in Mutare.

The colonial education system was designed to create a learner who upheld the whiteman as superior.

However, the attainment of independence ushered in an aggressive educational empowerment policy that sought to bring the majority of Zimbabweans into the mainstream economy.

“The training for an enterprising philosophy thus seeks to propel the youth into budding entrepreneurs through the provision of vocational as well as entrepreneurial skills,” Magamba Vocational Training Centre Principal, Mr Isaiah Sabwe said.

Magamba Training Centre enjoys partnerships which have availed funding for support schemes in teaching and training of tobacco production skills, rehabilitation of infrastructure as well as scholarships for students.

194 graduates comprising 140 males and 54 males underwent a two year technical and vocational education and skills training programme in the year 2017.