obert mpofu kp1.jpgGovernment has realised US$30m from the maiden Marange diamond sales which racked in about US$56 million.

The Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Cde Obert Mpofu said the figure was computed after key stakeholders had compiled statistics.


The US$30m realised by government followed the auctioning of a combined total of 1,1 million carats at an average of US$50 per carat by both Mbada Diamonds and Carnadile Miners at the maiden sale last Wednesday.

The sales racked in a total of US$56 400 000.

Speaking soon after emerging from Cabinet, Cde Mpofu expressed optimism in the country’s ability to surpass the $56 million mark for the next auction which is set for the first week of September, given the growing interests in Marange diamonds by international buyers.

“The industrial diamonds were sold at an average of US$50 per carat which is above the price the same gems have been selling.

“We are optimistic that the second sale will rack in more than we have realised during the initial auction,” said Cde Mpofu.

Contrary to earlier media reports which indicated that US$72m was realised from the diamond sale.

The first Marange diamond sale which attracted 14 foreign buyers saw Mbada Diamonds selling a total of 898 000 carats valued at about $46 million, while Carnadile racked in a total of about $10 million after auctioning a total of 225 000 carats.

The country conducted the first auction of diamonds from Marange last Wednesday following the certification of the gems by the international diamonds watchdog body, the Kimberley Process.