The ongoing policy discord within the government, which has spilled into the public domain, has been described as retrogressive and detrimental to economic development.

Analysts believe the policies must be discussed and concluded in the cabinet and politburo if the country is to regain investor confidence.

A legal expert, Mr Tendai Toto believes the authorities must deliberate policies among themselves and speak with one voice to the citizens.

University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Dr Ushehwedu Kufakurinani said the continued discord on driving government policies disturbs investor confidence thereby affecting the country’s economy.

Another university lecturer, Dr Ivo Mhike said the conflict of policies must be addressed if the country is to regain economic stability, adding that there is no longer constructive criticism as decisions are now based on the so called factional grounds.

The Command Agriculture Programme is one such government policy that has been attacked by some members of cabinet, while others are viewing it as the key to unlock economic growth.