Treasury has released the first batch of money for outstanding school fees as the government seeks to address the plight of war veterans and their children

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo, the Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Ex-detainees and Restrictees, Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube said more funds towards the school fees payment are being processed while a process to vet war collaborators so that they access their benefits is also ongoing.

By the beginning of this term, war veterans children were owing schools in excess of US$37 million and the release of the funds could bring relief to many of the children who were now being expelled from school for outstanding fees.

On the impasse between a section of war veterans and Zanu PF, Retired Colonel Dube explained that the former liberation fighters are being misunderstood by certain members of the party.

“They are simply calling for a smooth transitional operation in the event that President Robert Mugabe leaves office,” he said.

The war veterans’ minister said the sticky issue with the war veterans at the moment regards the land in urban areas that they were allocated by their patron but was eventually repossessed.

Going forward, he said there is need for unity among the former liberation fighters and the ruling party in rallying behind the party’s First Secretary and President, Cde Mugabe who is the party’s sole candidate for the 2018 general elections.