books.jpgGovernment is willing to work with partners in the education sector, especially in the provision of quality education to the disadvantaged girl child to meet Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to women empowerment.


With the country making efforts to attain MDGs related to education and empowerment of women, the Ministry of Education, Arts, Sport and Culture says organisations that complement its role are welcome, but should work within the set parameters.

This was said by Education, Arts, Sport and Culture Deputy Minister, Cde Lazarus Dokora on the sidelines of the Annual General Meeting of the Forum for Women Educationists Zimbabwe chapter.

Cde Dokora also said sanctions induced challenges have derailed gains made on the academic front.

“We are facing various challenges and with support of these organisations we will make it,” said Cde Dokora.

Forum for African Women Educationist Executive Director, Ms Oley Dibba Wadda said her organisation has made significant progress in awarding equal opportunities in education between male and female students through the schools support programme.

‘We have a schools support programme in most rural areas and this has worked a lot,” Ms Wadda said.

The organisation’s founder member, Dr Fay Chung commended government for its efforts in the equal access to education programme at primary and secondary schools level, but said more still needs to be done in the tertiary sector.

The Forum for Women Educationist Zimbabwe chapter has become a key strategic partner to government on education and in 2006 developed a strategic plan for the education of women, girls as well as orphaned and vulnerable children.

The organisation which operates in most African countries is set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Zimbabwe soon.