vp mujuru mtp launch.jpgGovernment has launched the Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2011-2015, which is expected to pave way for various policies and programmes that address the macro- economic fundamentals critical for the growth of the economy.

The much awaited MTP has finally been launched in Harare with the government expressing confidence that the new economic blueprint, which is a successor to the Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP), will pave way for the implementation of policies and programmes that ensure the sustainable growth of the economy underpinned by a vibrant productive industry.

In her address at the official launch of the MTP, the Vice President, Cde Joice Mujuru said the national development strategy to support the restoration of economic stability sets the platform for economic recovery through people oriented policies.

“Government saw the need to come up with a national development strategy to guide policy planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation to ensure sustainable growth and development hence the formation of the five year Medium Term Plan. The plan, crafted by Zimbabweans through the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, and extensive consultation process sets the platform for consolidating the economic stability achieved under STERP,” said Vice President Mujuru.

Cde Mujuru  also said the growth targets of 7% in the period 2011 -2015 envisaged by the MTP could be surpassed if the vicious illegal sanctions regime is removed but expressed hope that the plan crafted after wide consultations with various stakeholders will transform the fortunes of the country’s economy.

The country’s MTP 2011-2015 will consolidate the macro-economic stability achieved under STERP and will guide the country in setting up national priorities for the next five years.

The overall goal of the plan is to transform the fortunes of the country’s economy and raising the economy to a hundred billion dollar one by 2030.