e governance.gifGovernment has launched the e-government platform together with the signing of performance contracts by heads of ministries which enables the monitoring and evaluation of government projects in various ministries.


In a bid to improve operations of government departments, heads of ministries have signed the performance contracts in the capital which comes on the backdrop of several challenges that are bedeviling government on the economic front.

Launching the project, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda said issues to do with lack of proper communication and poor services in government departments should be addressed urgently for the nation to realise significant improvement in quality of services.

“It should be noted that the performance contracts to be signed today between the Chief Secretary, as head of the civil service and the heads of ministries are premised on targets set by the heads of ministries themselves. They outline the major outputs and outcomes to be implemented by ministries towards the attainment of national priorities and goals for the development of the country within the budget year,” said Dr Sibanda.

On the adoption of the e-government platform, Dr Sibanda said the implementation of this programme is in line with developments in other countries in the COMESA and SADC regions to facilitate the delivery of critical services in government.

“A functional e-government system facilitates the delivery of critical services. It distinguishes between modern public administrative systems from a traditional-cum-old fashioned system. We want to be part of the ICT world. We owe it to the populace. Let us get connected and move with the times,” Dr Sibanda added.

In implementing the e-government programme, the Office of the President and Cabinet will be distributing early New Year laptops and printers for use by public service commissioners, health services board members, all heads of ministries including principal directors in the Office of the President and Cabinet as well as top officials in the Prime Minister’s Office.