seed.jpgCommunal farmers in Mutoko who benefited from the inputs support scheme have commended the government for the programme which they say will help enhance food security in the area.


The Government support scheme for communal farmers launched this season has been hailed by beneficiaries in Mutoko who say it was a relief to them as they could not afford the high costs of agricultural inputs.


“The programme has been very good for us the poor farmers in Mutoko because we did not have money to buy the critical inputs,” one of them said.


Others who are already planting their maize crop are confident that a good harvest beckons as the inputs came on time.


“The inputs this time came on time and we are happy with the progress made so far as we planted early,” said another farmer.


Others who planted early and are already weeding say if fertilisers are disbursed timeously, they might have a good season since good rains are expected.


“The rainy season is quite good and we expect a good harvest,” one Mutoko farmer said.


Government is assisting over one million communal (A1) farmers, old resettlement and some vulnerable farmers with inputs which cater for a quarter of a hectare each.


Inputs in the basket include a 50kg bag of compound D fertiliser, 50 kg bag of top dressing fertiliser and 10 kg of maize seed.


Support for the agricultural sector is critical for Zimbabwe’s agro-based economy and stakeholders have criticised Finance Minster Tendai Biti for not putting in place financing measures for A2 farmers and allocating inadequate funds to resettled and communal farmers in the 2010 budget.