Government is being called on to urgently consider the healthy retention policy aimed at sustaining the requirements of the healthy sector, aimed at improving the sustenance of the health sector.

Vice president of Institute of People Management in Zimbabwe (IPMZ) Philimon Chitagu said on the sidelines of the ceremony, that the healthy skills retention policy should focus on modalities to improve working conditions for nurses and doctors.

“We should work with the government in order to assist with the needs,” he said.

Head of Parirenyatwa Pschychatric Unit Department Dr R Khan said the gesture by IPMZ has set the tone for increased public-private sector partnerships in the health industry.

“I would like to appreciate the work done by IPMZ for the monitoring equipment that will help our nurses and doctors to monitor them,” said Dr Khan.

Meanwhile, the IPMZ handed over monitoring equipment (CCTV) to Parirenyatwa Hospital Pschychatric Unit to improve the hospital’s efficiency and effectiveness in monitoring the mentally disturbed patients.