The Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports, Art and Culture, Cde Yeukai Simbanegavi has expressed gratitude to the youths in Kopa, Chimanimani for helping in rescue operations.

The youths have shown commendable responsibility by rendering help in rescue operations and distributing aid to Cyclone Idai survivors despite the fact that they also survived the disaster.

Cde Simbanegavi expressed her gratitude to the youth who are also helping vehicles transporting aid to cross to areas in need of aid, saying such behaviour must be emulated.

“They are helping all the vehicles that are coming this side to deliver aid to the survivors. The road is slippery so they are helping the vehicles which will be stuck on the road. So we have come here to express our gratitude, most people in Zimbabwe think that the youths only drink alcohol and smoke but as the Ministry of Youths we are here and we are happy that the youth has shown that they are committed to help their country in distress situations like this,” she said.

Meanwhile, youths in Kopa have appealed to the government to help them acquire their identification documents and academic certificates that were swept away by the heavy floods.