Government is focusing on the revival of the engineering sector in Bulawayo so that it can service other economic clusters that need machinery such as mining.

The need to revive the engineering sector in Bulawayo is on government’s top priority agenda as it will reduce the import bill of companies that are forced to get spare parts and machinery from outside the boarders.

The Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Cde Chiratidzo Mabuwa who toured companies in Bulawayo said there is a good business aptitude in the engineering sector that needs government support to nurture it and ensure that those products that can be produced locally are protected.

She made the remarks while addressing captains of industry and commerce in the city with a view of assisting them deal with bottle-necks that continue to affect production.

Cde Mabuwa said it is unfortunate that Bulawayo companies have not approached government for protection through a statutory instrument in the same manner that SI64 has aided capacity utilisation in other productive sectors.

She encouraged the companies to participate in exhibitions so that visibility on their products is increased and to also work towards accessing the export market.

Cde Mabuwa said Bulawayo has the capacity to retain its status as the country’s industrial hub once recapitalisation is complete.