Zimbabwe’s poultry sector has received a major boost following the extension of a duty free regime on fertilised or hatching egg imports by government to December this year.    

The expiry of the duty free regime granted by the government to top six egg and chicks producers had raised concern over the ability of the sector’s recovery following the avian flue that crippled productivity.                  

However, in a notice gazzetted this month, the government announced an extension of the duty free regime on the fertilised eggs.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union chief economist Mr Prince Kuipa said the move was made on the realisation of limited supply and availability of eggs, day old chicks and poultry products across the country.  

“The move was necessary taking into account operational challenges within the sector so it is believed this will unlock more value,” he said.  

It is also being anticipated the recovery in the poultry sector will in the long term create favourable opportunities for economic growth.