The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development says it is working to ensure that roads at Tugwi-Mukosi are constructed within the shortest possible time.

While the main road that leads from the highway to the dam was surfaced, some roads which include the one that leads to the harbour are yet to be surfaced.

Minister Joel Biggie Matiza, who was speaking from Tugwi – Mukosi said his ministry will ensure that all road works at the dam are done.

“We are looking at long term benefits for this project,” he said.

Focusing on the Masvingo – Beitbridge Highway, Minister Matiza said the government has committed itself to ensure that the road is dualized with the work already underway.

“We have already started the project of and the construction of detours is already underway,” he said.

Minister Matiza said that the rehabilitation project will be wrapped up with road fencing in an attempt to reduce accidents involving animals.