x-ray results.jpgThe government has established the Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe to regulate and protect the people from the effects of radiation equipment.


The organisation, which was formed under the Radiation Protection Act chapter 15:15 of 2004 is aimed at protecting people from the effects of radiation which are mainly found in x-rays, construction, agriculture and manufacturing industry.

Radiation Protection Authority of Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer, Mr Reward Severa said they are looking at developing regulations, standards and guidelines on how radiation must be used.

“The regulatory body was set up to protect the people and the environment and we have come up with a number of programmes to conscientise the nation on their rights with relation to the use of radiation,” said Mr Severa.

The other reason why the regulatory body has been established is to follow laid down international standards that require regulation of  the purchase of radiation equipment  such as x-rays and others used in the treatment of cancer.

Radiation of all types such as heat, sunlight, x-rays and even intense radio waves can damage the body, hence the need for radiation to be carefully used and monitored.