kimberley_process.jpgGovernment has dismissed as baseless and false, media reports attacking the credibility and integrity of the Kimberly Process Monitor, Mr Abbey Chikane, in certifying the country’s diamonds.

Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Cde Obert Mpofu said suggesting that Chikane has taken sides with Zimbabwe in certifying Marange diamonds is baseless and blatantly false.

Cde Mpofu said the reports have an ulterior motive to tarnish the country’s image and the nation should not worry about them, adding that Mr Chikane was appointed by the Kimberly Process as a monitor and certified the country’s diamonds after the KP minimum standards were met.

“These reports are ignorant of the truth and are bent on spreading falsehoods and as a nation we cannot lose sleep. They also tried to derail the certification process during the KP Plenary Session in Jerusalem, said Cde Mpofu.

He added: “Chikane is the authority on Zimbabwe diamonds appointed by the KP. He is not supposed to consult anyone to certify the country’s diamonds.”chikane with diamond certificate.jpg


The online report claims that Mr Chikane unilaterally certified Chiadzwa diamonds without approval from the KP.


Mr. Chikane was appointed the Zimbabwe KP monitor in a meeting held in Namibia and visited the country on several occasions to assess the mining of Chiadzwa diamonds.

He later certified the Chiadzwa diamonds, a move which got support from other stakeholders during a meeting in Russia and

recently, the KP Plenary Session in Jerusalem, Israel.