The government has come up with various initiatives to cushion Zimbabweans reeling under unjustified and unilateral price hikes which have nothing to do with economic fundamentals.

Speaking to Zimbabweans staying in the UK at the country’s London Embassy recently, the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Cde Monica Mutsvangwa said it is unfortunate that some companies are pursuing a regime change agenda.

She added that in the face of unethical conduct by the retailers, which are increasing prices unilaterally, the government has come up with measures to lessen the burden on the consumers.

“Some of these companies seem to be trying to find ways of removing the government. On the eve of independence, we woke up to a new price of bread. This is despite that the President is preaching the message of engagement…he is saying let’s engage, we don’t want to effect price controls, since Zimbabwe is open for business we want the principles of demand and control to take root in our economy. The industry has been invited several times to the negotiation table so that problems are ironed out but it however decided to disregard that channel,” she said.

“All those things are being addressed, we are unbundling the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) and redefining its mandate. GMB is now responsible for importing maize and wheat. It used to be the private sector that was responsible for importing maize and wheat but they would sell the grain and buy products at high prices, which has nothing to do with market fundamentals. So, with the government entity coming on board and also establishing Silo shops, that will see the prices of bread and other basic commodities coming down and stabilising,” the Minister added.

Minister Mutsvangwa confirmed that the government has already allocated $70 million to GMB so it starts selling the basic commodities.

Silo shops will be selling mealie-meal, sugar, flour and cooking oil at affordable prices at GMB’s distribution centres all over the country.