Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavima toured 3 of the construction sites in Mashonaland Central today

The government is constructing 17 new schools with a 21 October deadline set for completion of the institutions.

The schools are being constructed with assistance of funding from the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID).

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima toured three of the schools in Mashonaland Central comprising Craigside, Belgone and Tengenenge where he highlighted no child in Zimbabwe should travel more than  five kilometres to access a school.

“We started with 17 but the planning department is doing feasibility for 100 schools. Eventually we want to get to 2000,” said Professor Mavima.

Craigside resident Mr Haggai Huchu said it was a dream come true to have a modern school as the community relied on temporary teachers due to poor facilities.

“We started enquiries to get a school in 2008 and finally started operations in 2014 but it was not an easy road so we are happy with this new development,” Mr Huchu said.

Zimbabwe has a deficit of more than 2 000 schools, especially in new settlements and rural areas, resulting in children learning in tobacco barns and inadequate residential quarters for teachers.