tapiwa mashakada.jpgGovernment says the growth target of 7% per annum for the next five years as espoused by the Medium Term Plan (MTP) is achievable if proper implementation tools are put in place with the full participation of government, labour and business.

Zimbabwe’s MTP 2011 -2015 that was officially launched in the capital, Harare this Thursday and is a successor of the Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP), aims at addressing the key structural issues beyond stability economics to the growth dimension.

Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister, Mr Tapiwa Mashakada (pictured) said the MTP seeks to achieve broad based economic growth that is underpinned on the performance of the industry, mining sector as well as agriculture.

“The MTP seeks to move the country towards people centered policies,” said Minister Mashakada.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said the country has come up with many economic blueprints since independence, but the difference will be made if there is full implementation of the plan based on the participation of labour, business and the government.

mtp delagets.jpgThe Deputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara said political stability and political will is critical in turning the country into a one hundred billion economy based on annual growth target of 7% or even more.

Development partners that assisted the government in the whole process expressed confidence that the country’s economy will grow based on the vast mineral wealth, human resource capital as well as political will.

The MTP’s main target is to ensure that the economy remains on a sustainable growth path averaging 7,1%  for the next five years.

The Plan also emphasises the participation of the private sector as well as the improved performance of mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and the financial services sector.

Approximately, US$9 billion total investment is required to meet the MTP growth and development targets.