mr tapiwa mashakada 07-09-10.jpgStakeholders in infrastructure development have called for the capacitation of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) unit as well as increased coordination among key institutional stakeholders for the effective implementation of the PPPs concept.

The recommendations came out during the just ended PPP Seminar held in Harare to deliberate on strategies for the effective implementation of the PPPs concept.

Minister of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, Mr Tapiwa Mashakada said government remains committed to the creation of an enabling institutional and regulatory framework for increased private sector participation.

“As government, we value the involvement of the private sector in infrastructure development. Our role is that of an enabler and to this end we are working on creating a conducive regulatory environment to ensure the success of the concept,” said Mr Mashakada.


mr kurt rietz 07-09-10.jpgAn expert in strategic planning, Mr Kurt Rietz expressed optimism that the capacitating of the PPP unit as well as the strengthening of partnerships among the institutional stakeholders will result in the success of the concept.

“The problem that we have been having is lack of capacity in the implementation of the concept as well as the absence of proper regulatory environment. We are hopeful the adoption of the facility will result in increased implementation of the concept,” said Mr Rietz.

The adoption of the PPPs by government last year was seen as a solution to challenges which over the past few years have restricted government from embarking on key capital projects.