Government has commended the church for its continued support in government led initiatives and its role in unifying the nation.

The church has been commended for supporting government programmes, particularly working towards the rebuilding of the economy by venturing into projects that help citizens to sustain livelihoods.

Manicaland Minister of State Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba and a local headman in Manica Bridge said the church remains important to government and society as it is a unifier and promoter of good values.

“The church’s role in society is important in that it is a unifier and that is where we find unity being preached, it also promotes values in society. This particular church encourages entrepreneurship so we are here to meet with the church and appreciate what they are doing for the country,” Dr Gwaradzimba said.

A local headman Mr Paul Mberi said: “I am glad that the church conducts their prayers here because it helps especially the youths to stay away from trouble and it also helps them to be innovative and help with bettering our country”.

The Johanne Masowe WeChishanu apostolic sect has vowed to continue supporting government initiatives saying they are now focusing more on developmental projects as a way of taking part in restoring the nation’s economic glory.

Manicaland Johanne Masowe WeChishanu apostolic sect leader Madzibaba Andby Makururu said they joined hands with traditional leaders to pray for peace in the country as well as teach people about the importance of working hard.

A prayer meeting was held in Mutasa by the church which saw the local traditional leadership also coming in to pray for peace.