joey bimha permanent secretary.jpgThe Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Joey Bimha, says government is closely monitoring events in Libya to ensure that Zimbabwean nationals in that country are safe.



In an interview with the ZBC News in Harare, Ambassador Bimha said although the flow of information from that country is limited, information from Zimbabwe’s ambassador in that country says the situation in the capital Tripoli is stable.


He said incidents of violence have been so far been reported in outlying towns that include Benghazi.

Ambassador Bimha said although there are very few Zimbabweans living in that country, the embassy has been instructed to linkup with any other Zimbabwean national who may be in that country on private business who may need assistance in the event that evacuation is needed.


Ambassador Bimha also confirmed that preparations are now underway for the return of some embassy staff who are based in Cairo Egypt, following their evacuation a few weeks ago when President Hosni Mubarak was toppled.

He said the ministry has received information to the effect that Egypt is now safe for their return and for the resumption of school for those who were studying in Cairo.


Meanwhile political scientists have described the events in Egypt as a clear demonstration of double standards by the West which suddenly turned against their long time ally President Mubarak and replaced him with military rule.


Other political scientists say that the events unfolding in the north are similar to what transpired in Europe due to the economic crisis.

They say that while the events in the developing world are also due to the deteriorating living standards, due to the economic crisis, the media is deliberately manipulating the events to demonize the leaders of the affected countries who are labeled as dictators.