Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary, Cde George Charamba says government believes in self regulation of the media as opposed to come up with a code of conduct for journalists and media houses.

The media and civic society has in the past cried foul on the interference of the government in their operations especially during election time, but a top government official has highlighted that the government of Zimbabwe is not interested in giving guidelines on how the fourth estate operates in line with democratic principles.

Addressing stakeholders during a two day dialogue on a petition by the election resource centre to parliament in Bulawayo, Cde Charamba said the media in the country has come of age and as such there is need for the players in the industry to come up with self regulatory mechanisms that guides ethical conduct in the way they do business.

Cde Charamba also took the opportunity to clarify that his ministry has nothing to do with how the media operates during election time as all the powers are transferred to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission while indicating that his ministry has nothing to do with the registration of the media as the Zimbabwe Media Commission does not report to his ministry.

Media operations in the country are legally controlled by the provisions spelt out in the Access to Information Protection and Privacy Act (AIPPA) as well as the Broadcasting Services Act (BSA) which spells out how one can run a broadcasting station in the country.