The government has called for division of labour among government departments in the forthcoming summer cropping season to maximise productivity and ensure the smooth flow of the production value chain. 

The call follows the expansion of the Presidential Inputs Scheme to 1.8 million households and the introduction of soya bean cropping under the programme.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Zimbabwe National Farmers Union (ZNFU) annual general meeting, the Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, Dr Joseph Made said government departments should be on standby to assist farmers so that crop production is smooth. 

“No one should interfere in these houses getting inputs and I indicated that there will be division of labour, the extension worker must be waiting in the field to show the farmers how to plant, how to scout and how to do husbandry activity, the GMB and COTTCO must deal with distributing inputs so that we reduce the chain of command and interference so that each household gets inputs as directed by President Mugabe. I appreciate that we are working with SEEDCO on rice and I have invited other seed houses. We have two small combine harvesters from China and a specialist from the same country, who is working on a long term basis,” he said.

ZNFU President, Mrs Monica Chinamasa commended the government for initiating the Presidential Inputs Scheme and the Command Agricultural Programme resulting in a bumper harvest this year. 

The ZNFU annual general meeting provided a platform for farmers to interact with key agriculture service providers and have their concerns addressed as the sector gears for the forthcoming summer cropping season.