Sports and Recreation Minister Kazembe Kazembe has called for the branding of national youth and paralympic games that will be held in Gweru this August.

Minister Kazembe said the branding of the games will also create an opportunity for many businesses which they can take advantage of to make profits.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by the director in the Ministry of Sports and Recreation Eugenia Chidhakwa, Minister Kazembe noted with concern that since their inception, the youth and paralympics games were not branded and implored event organisers to strive to brand the games that will be played this August in the Midlands capital of Gweru.

Sports branding has become an essential part of sporting events especially when teams want to distinguish themselves from competitors as well as building strong relationships with fans thus facilitating returns for businesses as well.

“It my reflection that efforts need to be applied in terms of event branding it is sad to note that since the inception of the Zimbabwe National Youth and Paralympic Games, the games have remained naked in terms of corporate branding. It is my absolute conviction that we all agree that corporate branding in event management is an essential marketing tool and vehicle for further sponsorship opportunities,” he said.  

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Owen Ncube pledged to leaders of the various teams that will compete at the prestigious games that the province will deliver the most memorable games ever.

“As the patron of the sport in the province let me assure you that we have put in place a dedicated, self motivated results oriented and effective team to manage these games. We have a local organising committee that has all capabilities and personal attributes to host successful games,” said Minister Ncube.

Leaders of various teams that will compete at the prestigious event gathered in Gweru for an indaba to reflect on the management of the previous games and share experiences as well as craft effective and efficient strategies going forward.

The Midlands Province will play host to the 2018 edition of the Zimbabwe National Youth and Paralympic Games in August this year.