cde olivia muchena 13-09-10.jpgGovernment is committed to the participation of women in the mining sector to enhance their full economic empowerment in line with the indigenisation agenda.


While government has made the economic empowerment of women one of its major priorities, there are certain economic sectors like mining which have been the preserve of huge multi-national companies since it is capital intensive.


A new thrust to mainstream women into the mining sector has been adopted by government to achieve the total emancipation of women.


The remarks were made by Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minster, Dr Olivia Muchena at the women in mining workshop in Harare.


“We are here to talk about serious business in the mining sector, for us as women to organise ourselves and make impact on the mining front,” Dr Muchena said.


Proweb President, Mrs Florence Ziumbe said her organisation is willing to assist women in mining to form large consortiums that can attract meaningful investment for the sector as it has become difficult to court partners as individuals.


‘Women can make huge impact if they come together as consortiums because investment can be attracted if your organisation is legally constituted,” said Mrs Ziumbe.


Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe board Chairperson, Ms Abu Basuthu pledged her organisation’s commitment to assisting women on the technical and marketing aspects of the mining sector.


“As an organisation we would want to assist our women to venture into the mining sector seriously through marketing programmes,” said Ms Basuthu.


The mining sector is one of the critical sectors of the economy which contributes 10% to the gross domestic product.


With the recently enacted Indigenisation and Empowerment Act, more women are expected to participate fully in the extraction of the country’s mineral resources.