Energy and Power Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo

The government has once again assured the nation that enough fuel supplies have been secured to take the country through the festive season and to cover all farming activities.

The re-assurance by government on fuel availability follows a recurrence of long fuel queues at various service stations for the past days.

The unavailability of petrol countrywide appears to have plunged motorists into panic mode again as evidenced by long queues at service stations where the scarce commodity is delivered.

“It’s now confusing because sometimes it appears as if things are normal, but a few days we are back in queues, it’s not normal,” said one motorist waiting for his turn at one service station in Harare.

This situation has triggered the re-emergency of jerry canes but this time service stations are limiting motorists to five litres to deal with unscrupulous fuel dealers.

“My car was on red, so joined one long queue at one of the fuel stations but unfortunately I could not fill as the liquid ran out. So I parked my car because it was empty along the way, I was supposed to be in a meeting but this is how things are, I am forced to spend more time at queues than at work,” said a desperate woman who had to find a jerry cane to get five litres.

Energy and Power Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo says the government has adequate stock at its reserves, adding that people should not panic as they are assured of a normal and exciting festive and farming season.

“We are on daily basis pumping four million of diesel and three million litres of petrol which is required per day, so motorists should not panic to fill up their tanks at one time; we have adequately planned for the festive season and farmers. So there is no need to panic, logistic to move the fuel was the challenge, but it’s now under control,” said Dr Gumbo.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube proposed an increase on excise duty of fuel by 7 cents per litre on diesel and paraffin and 6.5 cents on petrol in the recent budget which comes into effect on 01 December 2018.