housing coorperatives 21-09-10.jpgGovernment has adopted a social housing policy that will see the roll out of mass housing programmes for low income earners.

Zimbabwe has an estimated housing backlog of over a million people who are on the official housing waiting list whilst many are not registered.

In order to deal with the increasing demand for housing especially in urban areas, the Ministry of National Housing and Social Amenities has come up with a social housing policy which will result in the rolling out of programmes that ensure access to decent accommodation to people in the low income bracket.

Secretary for the Ministry, Mr. David Munyoro says the proposed national housing policy, which is awaiting cabinet approval, focuses more on the need to address the issue of slum settlements.

“We have a national housing policy that is under scrutiny and in that framework we are focusing more on social housing projects as most of the schemes that have been initiated recently have been beyond the reach of the ordinary people. We however hope that with the new concept, we will have investors who will come on board and assist,” said Mr Munyoro.

Turning to housing projects unveiled last year, Mr. Munyoro noted that the Willowvale Flats Project will be completed by the end of April and will consist of 18 blocks of flats up from the 15 that were anticipated at the beginning.

“We are happy to report that the US$25 million Willowvale Flats Project will be complete by the end of April and as such beneficiaries will receive their keys by that period,” he added.

Zimbabwe in 1992 adopted a housing construction policy, the main objective of which was to foster speedy and mass production of housing and upgrading of slums by construction units.

However, the implementation was stalled at the turn of the millennium due to sanctions induced economic challenges.