hiv_aids.gifThe government has been urged to find ways of collecting AIDS levy from the informal sector as this will ensure a quicker response to HIV and AIDS programmes.


In an interview with ZBC News, National AIDS Council Communications Officer, Mr Orirando Manwere said a lot of money is exchanging hands in the informal sector which could contribute significantly to HIV and AIDS prevention awareness and support programmes.

He added that his organisation once looked at ways of collecting AIDS levy through the Vat system so as to bridge the gap between the budgeted amount and the actual amount available for HIV and AIDS programmes but the idea was shelved after consultations with experts. 

In the 2009 financial year, US$5,7 million was collected through the AIDS levy against a budget of US$196 million, while US$19,7 million was collected against a budget of over US$150 million in 2010.

The AIDS levy is collected from the formal sector in which 3% of pay as you earn is deducted, while the corporate sector pays 3% of corporate tax as AIDS levy.