Government has intensified the movement of grain imports from South Africa and Tanzania to improve  grain provision and ensure national food security, with several trucks and railway wagons carrying the first batch of the grain consignment having arrived in the country.

The Government has secured 150 thousand tonnes of maize and 20 thousand tonnes of wheat from South Africa and Tanzania to address grain deficit that the country is currently facing.

The Government initiative is being facilitated through the ETG (Export Trading Group)  Agro Private Limited.

Statistics by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development show that government through the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has bought another 17 thousand tonnes of maize from Tanzania.

Over nine thousand tonnes of the grain is in transit while another consignment in excess of two thousand tonnes has arrived at the Bulawayo GMB depot.

The country requires about 1.8 million tonnes of maize per annum but owing to the drought an output of about 852 thousand tonnes is expected from the 2018 to 2019 cropping season.

To cover for the deficit, 624 million Zimbabwean dollars has been set aside by government to cater for the grain imports and ensure national food security.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is also on record saying that no one will starve as the government has mobilised enough resources to mitigate the adverse effects of drought.