Government has come to the rescue of Gweru residents after providing a loan for the procurement and installation of water pumping equipment at Amapongogwe Dam to improve the supply of the precious liquid in the city.

The city’s main water source, Gwenhoro, is only left with 10 percent capacity, translating to two weeks’ supply before the dam is decommissioned.

The intervention by government through a $450 000 loan came at a time most suburbs in Gweru, such as Mkoba and Senga, are going through unprecedented water rationing lasting weeks.

ZBC News is in possession of minutes in which the city fathers indicated that they needed $2.4 million for the installation of the water pumps before government intervened through the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing to find a cheaper contractor at almost half a million dollars.

Gweru City Council Engineer, Robson Manatsa thanked government for the timely intervention while at the same time outlining the timeline for the work to be done.

“The intervention by government was timely. We were already facing a serious crisis and we are grateful for the loan presented to us. Currently, we were pumping 30 mega-litres a day and after these installations we expect to pump 45 mega-litres daily. We also intend to approach government again to improve our treatment plant so that we can start pumping 60 mega litres a day which will be enough for the city of progress,” said Eng Manatsa.

Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in the Midlands Province, Senator Larry Mavhima said the provision of clean and safe water is one of the critical objectives of the second republic in line with the devolution agenda.

“My office realised that the MDC-run council had run out of ideas on how to deal with the water crisis that the city was facing. We then approached the Ministry of Local Government and managed to procure this equipment using a loan from the government arm. As you are aware we are in the process of implementation of devolution and safe water becomes a must for us to attract investment as a province,” said Senator Mavhima.

The installation of this equipment following government intervention is considered to be the ultimate answer to the perennial water problems that have been facing the city of progress.