A new musical trend of fusing gospel and sungura music genre has been taken up by a number of artists in the country.

One such artist is Callistus Tawengwa whose musical experiment has seen him coming up with a third musical video album entitled ‘Madzudzo Asatane’.

Although the musician is not new in the industry having released two albums to date, the release of his third video album is a fusion of gospel and sungura inspired by his own personal life experiences.

Tawengwa said the new offering is still yet to receive some rave reviews but he is optimistic that it will be accepted by gospel and sungura fans alike.

He noted monetary constraints have presented hurdles in his career, but he is hopeful there is light at the end of the tunnel as a number of recording studios are opening up.

Tawengwa also urged young and upcoming artists to be resolute and compose lyrics that are meaningful to society.

Some of the tracks and videos on the new album include ‘Baba Na Mai’, ‘Mutserendende’ and ‘Merrissa’.