Upcoming musician John Madondo who released his debut album late this year says gospel artists have a big role to play in promoting unity in the country, adding that gospel music should be able to cut across all races and cultures.

The South African-based Madondo who is also a part time construction consultant and recently released his debut “Mwari Munodaira”, a 6-track-album that has a blend of jazz, traditional sound and dances, hip hop and R ‘n’ B, said the growth of the gospel genre depends on the willingness of artists to move along with time and offer products that are competitive.

The album has a traditional track “Mwari Munodaira” featuringbTswana dancers, best explaining the importance of tolerance of diverse cultures and traditions in fostering national unity.

Madondo said it is the role of gospel artists to bridge social differences and promote unity in the country.

Madondo believes he is walking in his late sister Jackie Madondo’s footsteps and has no doubt he will be the face of gospel music in the diaspora.