cattle tuli  18.10.10.jpgThe Veterinary Technical Services Department says the Animal Health Management System has been largely successful this season as evidenced by little and sporadic outbreaks of livestock diseases as compared to the same period last year.

While the county has had a major challenge of outbreaks of anthrax especially during the rainy season this year, the Animal Health Management Programme has been largely successful as the Veterinary Technical Services Department had a vibrant vaccination programme.

According to the VTSD Director, Dr Unesu Ushewokunze Obatolu, Government provided funds for the purchase of vaccines while the Zimbabwe Farmers Union got a consignment from China, which helped boost the vaccination programme.

“We had government support for the animal management systems and this helped in reducing outbreaks of diseases such as anthrax. I am happy to announce that so far, we have not recorded any cases and soon we will be engaging Government for more funds to acquire the vaccines,” Dr Obatolu said.

On the tick borne disease, Dr Obatolu confirmed that they had adequate stocks of dipping chemicals but will soon engage Government for funds to prepare for next year.

She however said there were isolated cases of tick-borne disease outbreaks in some communal areas as some farmers are not adhering to cattle dipping standards.

“We have 4 basic diseases that are caused by ticks and this year, isolated cases were reported is some communal lands because farmers were not dipping their cattle regularly,” said Dr Obatolu.

Zimbabwe has been facing a major challenge in its efforts to boost the depleting national herd, owing to deaths of animals caused by various diseases especially anthrax.