Gold production will come under the spotlight this week amid indications that the production of the yellow metal has surpassed 3,5 tonnes in the first quarter.

The deliberations on gold production is expected to attract small scale miners and huge corporates in the industry on ways of maximising production of the yellow metal.

This conference comes at a time when gold production is believed to have surpassed the 3,5 tonne mark in the first quarter despite heavy rains which affected production especially for small scale miners

Institute of Sustainability Africa Executive Director, Mr Rodney Ndamba said while other minerals are also doing well, more focus is being directed towards small scale gold miners who have potential to increase output.

The Chamber of Mines had projected figures of 24 000 kgs of gold last year with this year’s target being set at 25 000 kgs.

Platinum is projected to reach 20 000 kgs with coal expected to surpass 3 million tonnes.

The production of gold has been pushed by the surge in prices of the yellow metal on the international market though in recent weeks the price has been fluctuating.