Gold production in the country is set to increase by 29 500 ounce per year following the rekindling of TN Gold Mine Private Limited in Acturus formerly known as Metallon Gold Mine.

The rekindling of TN Gold Mine is set to increase gold production in the country with extraction of gold ore under open cast miming underway.

When the ZBC News crew visited the mining site the miners were busy extracting the gold ore which Mr Shingirayi Mwanza, the mining manager described as a critical stage where they have extracted 10 000 tonnes of the ore within two weeks with a target of 60 000 tonnes.

“We are stock piling the gold ore as we are re-equipping our processing plant with the new equipment and by the end of July this year, we will be operating fully both in open cast and underground mining,” he said.

Mine captain Mr Perembe Chitambiri expressed the issue of safety at workplace as key priority since miners are vulnerable to disasters and accidents when they do their job.

“We have to make sure that vehicles travel at 20 kilometres per hour when approaching pits and make sure that all our workmates have protective clothes,” said Mr Chitambiri.

The mine that  was sold to TN Gold by Metallon Gold Company in November last year has a potential of creating jobs for unemployed youths in the area.